Cllr Charlie O’Connor has called on the Minister for Health to guarantee that key funding for health projects in Tallaght University Hospital will not be cut as a result of the massive Children’s Hospital overspend. Cllr O’Connor was commenting on the back of reports that €100 million will need to be found in 2019 alone, to plug the huge funding gap caused by the overspend. “As a member of the HSE Regional Health Forum for Dublin Mid-Leinster I have submitted questions seeking guarantees that vital projects earmarked for Tallaght University Hospital will not become casualties of the massive overspend.

“A new renal unit, an increase in bed capacity and an extension to the intensive care unit are just some of the key developments promised to Tallaght University Hospital. I have long fought for action on the orthodontic waiting list and for measures to be taken to alleviate the immense pressure on the emergency department. To think that any of these critical health care developments or resources would lose out as a result of the overspend is simply unacceptable.

“As a result of Fine Gael’s complete mismanagement of the Children’s Hospital budget we are now hearing talk of postponing projects and trimming budgets. The ramifications of this will be felt well beyond 2019 and that is why I am seeking assurances now that Tallaght University Hospital will not be caught up in the fallout”, concluded Cllr O’Connor.