Calling on Tallaght South to come out and make your voice heard

Adam Smyth

RTE recently isolated Tallaght South as not having an interest in politics or voting due to having the lowest voter turnouts in the last local election. “This is certainly not my experience “ says local election candidate Adam Smyth. “I have been out on the doors of Fettercairn, Citywest, Jobstown, Killinarden and Brookfield, and I have found residents engaging and interested in local politics and the future of their area” says Adam Smyth.

“I decided to put my name forward for election because I am frustrated at the slow progress of development in Tallaght South” “I am active in my community and I can see a real need for action and development. I am in touch with 100’s of others who are active in our community, and can’t understand why Fettercairn, Citywest, Jobstown, Killinarden and Brookfield are not getting the same amenities that the rest of Tallaght and the county have. A low voting turnout is not due to the lack of political interest or love for our community” says Adam Smyth.

“I’m calling on Tallaght South to come out and make your voice heard. We are one of the youngest constituencies in the country, and I will be one of the youngest councillors on SDCC if elected. I share all the experience of those I hope to represent, growing up in Tallaght South,  I went to one of our amazing schools but was aware of the underfunding, I live in my family home and share the same struggle of many trying to move out and own my own home”.

“I’m aware of the anti social behaviour and the effects this has on our lives and in particular public transport. I see the gaps in infrastructure and support, so do the people of Fettercairn, Citywest, Jobstown, Killinarden and Brookfield, I am calling on all residents of Tallaght South to come out on election day and vote, and vote for someone who is prepared to make a change for our area, a change for good”.

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Sarah Brooks

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