Call on Government to increase public transport capacity

Dublin Bus

The Labour Party’s Local Area Representative in Dublin Mid West, Chris O’Dwyer, is calling on the Government to increase the capacity on public transport due to increased levels of demand. 

O’Dwyer said: “I have had numerous emails and phone calls from frontline workers who are now in competition with other workers and secondary school students in order to get onto buses and trams during rush hour periods. “As a frontline worker who depends on public transport I have experienced this myself, especially when trying to get home to Clondalkin after work. I have seen bus after bus pass stops without letting passengers on. I have heard from workers who have been late to work because of the current capacity. “The Government’s lack of forward thinking about reopening and the strain it will put on public transport capacity is astounding. Capacity needs to be increased in order to allow both workers and students to go about their day as smoothly as possible. “The current provision of 25% is not fit for purpose under the the current level of restrictions and needs to be reevaluated. There needs to be a significant increase in capacity for rush hour periods. 

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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