John Curran T.D. has welcomed the announcement by the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment Richard Bruton T.D. of €3million in funding to the Anti-Dumping Initiative to support communities around the country to tackle illegal dumping.

Commenting after the announcement, Deputy Curran said; “Since the introduction of domestic waste charges, the incidence of illegal dumping has increased year on year. It is a blight on the landscape in our towns and villages, urban and rural. I have called on the Minister to put additional funding in place to support local authorities to prevent largescale dumping and the dumping of domestic waste for some time now. It is good news today to learn of this €3 million investment. “As it is a uniform problem in most parts of the country, it is time the Government and the Minister’s Department looked at an initiative to support local authorities in dealing with this problem. “This funding must ensure that initiatives to provide greater flexibility for local authorities to offer free services can get up and running. “I refer to civic amenities available for one-off use. Local authorities used to collect large household items once or twice a year, but that has largely been done away with in many parts of the country. Initiatives of that type need to be reintroduced if we are to prevent largescale illegal dumping of washing machines, fridges, furniture and mattresses.
“Rather than paying for the clean-up afterwards, there should be a pro-active programme, as part of which local authorities would provide that service,” concluded Deputy Curran.