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Brónagh Lyons is an inner-leadership coach, author and co-founder of Epic Hearts Club, the low-cost, high-value online coaching hub.


Brónagh is passionate to provide incredible coaching content and information to everyone who wants and needs it, regardless of their circumstances. 


Brónagh will be contributing to Newsgroup over the next few months.




As empaths our biggest weakness is becoming vulnerable, having weak boundaries, and falling victim to narcissists. We focus on narcissism constantly because it triggers our deep hurt. We find other empaths or sensitive souls and complain about narcissism and narcissistic behaviour we’ve seen or dealt with in our day or life. It consumes us.

Do you know why this is a total waste of time? You’re not stronger for voicing it and focusing on it. You’re not advancing by pointing it out. Actually, you’re allowing your life to be consumed by it.

I know it’s tempting to focus on the negative (I’ve been there MANY times and sometimes still fall into the trap) and its satisfying that hurt part of you (kind of like playing a sad song on repeat and crying each time), but what you’re actually doing is partaking in a toxic relationship, with yourself, with the narcissist (who might not even be aware you’re doing it) and with whoever else is also focused on the negative.

Focus on the brilliance of those around you. Focus on your boundaries. Focus on your inner brilliance. Focus on you.


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