Bring energy companies back into public ownership to tackle cost of living

David Gardiner Palmerstown Fonthill

Measures must be taken to combat the cost of living crisis, as inflation is set to hit 8.5% over the coming months, according to David Gardiner, Workers’ Party representative for Palmerstown-Fonthill.

Gardiner said: “There are a number of steps that the government should take to combat the crisis, such as bringing our energy companies back into public ownership.””Public ownership of our energy companies would allow us to control energy prices, develop energy independence so that we no longer rely on fossil fuels, and keep costs down for working families.”

“Wage increases for workers are also needed to match and exceed inflation, as well as the construction of mixed-income public housing available to all, with secure tenancies and rent that is genuinely affordabl e for working people.”The economic growth that Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil or the Greens might talk about means very little to working people. The price of everything is skyrocketing but our wages aren’t matching the increase.”

“In fact, according to the Economic and Social Research Institute, real incomes are set to fall over the coming months, meaning what money you have will get you even less than it does now.”

“This crisis has been ongoing for some time and can be of no surprise to the government. Despite this, they’ve done very little to solve it. The Workers’ Party calls for real action to be taken in the interests of working people, our families and our communities.”

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