Bonner calls for River Camac to be Improved in an Environmentally Friendly Way

Camac River Clondalkin SDCC

Clondalkin Labour Councillor, Breeda Bonner has called on South Dublin Co. Council to ensure that the upgrading of the River Camac through Clondalkin be done in an environmentally friendly and sensitive way. Speaking after a motion of hers was discussed at the Clondalkin Area Committee on 18 April she said she was concerned to ensure that the river water quality was maintained to the highest standard and that the biodiversity of the area was maintained and improved.

In the formal reply, South Dublin Co. Council maintained that it was trying to do that by clearing rubbish from the river while, at the same time, protecting both plant animal and fish life.

Cllr. Bonner was full of praise for the Friends of the Camac and the officials working with them. The aims of Friends of the Camac include both improving the water quality, plant and animal life of the river and its surroundings as well as improving access to the river bank for walkers and cyclists after it passes Clondalkin’s council offices.





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