The Minister for Rural & Community Development, Mr Michael Ring, T.D. has designated the May Bank Holiday Weekend, 4th – 6th May as the first National Community Weekend.  As part of this each County Council is allocating small grants towards events in the community which give people a chance to meet with and socialise with their neighbours in various settings, one of which is health.  These are called “Big Hello” events. GROW in Ireland is a Community Mental Health Movement which came to Ireland from Australia 50 years ago this year.  GROW Eastern Region will host an information/ coffee  afternoon from 2.00pm to 4.00pm in the Royal Marine Hotel,  Dun Laoghaire  on Monday 6th May.  All are welcome.


GROW staff will be there to extend the hospitality and will provide people with information and chat over a cup of coffee.  The event is free so why not come join the community event for the first time the community weekend is being run in the country. This afternoon is to launch the new Dun Laoghaire GROW group. GROW runs weekly support groups for people with any form of a mental health difficulty or who may be lonely, isolated or suffering from stress.  Meetings are anonymous and confidential and are supported by a trained Area Co-ordinator.  The groups are non- denominational and are open to people over 18 years of age.  For more information contact John 086 8033126.