On the 30th of May in the Red Cow Inn, South Dublin County Council’s (SDCC) Cllr Charlie O’ Connor closed the Bealtaine Festival, the festival celebrating Art and Creativity in Older Age. The name “Bealtaine” comes from the ancient Celtic festival of that name celebrating springtime, freshness and renewal. SDCC’s Community Department and Libraries organised over 150 events across the county over the course of the month of May. There was a high level of attendance and participation at each of the events. This year’s Bealtaine Competition, organised by the Council’s Social Inclusion Unit, was entitled “Use your imagination to submit an entry to show how creative you are”. The competition looked for older people to submit their entries to showcase their talents and skills from poetry to baking and painting. There were a large number of entries which were displayed in the Council’s offices in Tallaght. The awards were presented by the Councillor Charlie O’ Connor at the closing Ceremony. Bealtaine is co-ordinated by Age and Opportunity, the national organisation working to promote greater participation by older people in society.

Pictured above; Councillor Charlie O’Connor and members of the Palmerstown Active Retirement Group