Basic Club Facilities At Risk Of Removal

AGP Storage Facility Lucan

A Dublin Mid-West Sinn Féin councillor has expressed concern at the Council’s disapproval and indication to remove some basic essential facilities being provided at a busy playing field in Lucan. Councillor Derren Ó Brádaigh is calling on South Dublin County Council officials to permit a storage container and portaloo provided by, and at the expense of the club kept in place.

Cllr Ó Brádaigh said “This is a local club, providing an invaluable local service to lots of young and aspiring local football players for many years. For far too long the club organisers have been pleading with the Council to recognise the growing requirement for an essential dedicated storage space area and toilet facility in proximity to one of their busiest playing pitches. This is especially important to the increasing numbers of much younger kids using this pitch located furthest from the pavilion on the Newcastle Road on cold, dark and wet evenings.

“Whilst the club accept that the Council are no longer providing the older metal forty foot style storage containers, they have been asking for an interim solution that will address the needs for privacy and safety of all their members and team players at all times. This is a call that I and others have supported through previously tabled motions and raising with Council officials.

Cllr Ó Bradaigh added “The club have initiated an online petition seeking support from the local community and the wider public in their appeal to the Council to allow the facilities to remain in pace. Within a matter of a few days, there have been almost 1,000 signatures adding their names to the campaign to retain the existing facilities put in place by the club organisers, but also for the Council to offer an improved solution that meets the actual needs of club members better during match games and training sessions.

“The irony of the situation is that up until recently the club had the portaloo in situ for some considerable time and at their own cost. This was being used between games and training to store football equipment – surely, we can do better for our local clubs. The new storage facility that has been introduced recently into the park is neatly housed within the Council’s own sectioned off compound space already in place.

Cllr Ó Brádaigh concluded “The club are at pains to point out the necessity of the storage facility, that now provides a safe place for important club equipment including a defibrillator. I am now urging Council officials to recognise the situation, permit the interim facilities, but more importantly talk to the club organisers and find a better long-term solution that ultimately meets the need of the club members highlighting what they feel to be a specific oversight.”

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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