Barry Andrews selected as Dublin candidate for European elections

Barry Andrews MEP

Fianna Fáil has selected Barry Andrews to represent the Party in the Dublin constituency for the upcoming European elections. The current MEP was selected at a convention in Dublin recently.

With a strong commitment to representing Ireland’s interests on the European stage, Barry Andrews brings a wealth of experience and a vision for a more connected and prosperous Europe. Following his selection, he said, “It has been an honour to represent Dublin in the European Parliament for thepast four and a half yearsand it is a privilege to be selected again as Fianna Fáil’s candidate in Dublin. I look forward to campaigning across Dublin over the next four months, engaging with voters and hearing about the issues that are important to them.

“As an open trading economy at a time of increasing protectionism, it is important that Ireland makes the case for trade and competitiveness. Ireland’s membership of the EU means we enjoy the benefits of both the Single Market and Free Trade Agreements, supporting more opportunities for sustainable development. “It is clear to me that migration is a key issue in Dublin, and across the country, and people are keen to know what part the European Union has to play in this. There needs to be a clear and open discussion about what our obligations are as a Member State while also ensuring that the systems that Ireland has in place are adequate to meet these obligations.

“Sustainability and the Green Deal are high on the agenda for me as I know they are for many people. I have worked extremely hard in this area – particularly on sustainability around fashion and the emergence of ‘fast fashion’ and the harmful impact that is having and there is still a long way to go to tackle this issue.

“2024 is one of the most pivotal years for global democracy ever. More than 40 elections across the world are going to shape our future for many years to come. At home in Ireland we have to play our part to ensure we elect MEPs who are not going to pander to far right ideologies, who are not going to support Russia in their war against Ukraine and MEPs who are going to support a ceasefire in Gaza unconditionally. I have been on the right side of these issues in the European Parliament and if re-elected will continue to be the right side on behalf of the people of Dublin.”

An Tánaiste and Úactaráin Fhianna Fáil, Micheál Martin said, “We in Fianna Fáil believe that the European Union is a fundamental foundation for progress in our country. Ireland must stand with Europe and must stand against the corrosive euroscepticism and anti-democratic regimes which seek to undermine the Union. “I am proud that in Barry Andrews Fianna Fáil has a candidate  who is known for his hard work on behalf of the people of Ireland. In Barry Andrews, we have a  candidate who not only aligns with Fianna Fáil’s core values but also possesses the necessary skills to navigate the complex landscape of European politics.

“Since his election to the European Parliament in 2019, he has demonstrated exceptional leadership and a deep understanding of the issues facing Ireland and the Union. We believe his representation will continue to serve the best interests of Ireland on the European stage,  shape policies that positively impact our country and contribute to the development of a more united Europe.”

Fianna Fáil Director of Elections, Minister Darragh O’Brien T.D. said, “Barry Andrews is a forceful, pro-European candidate. The values he holds are in step with the vast majority of the Irish population which is overwhelmingly pro-EU. His is a voice of reason and fairness in what is an increasingly fragmented political landscape. I look forward to campaigning with Barry over the coming months and to seeing him return to the EU Parliament as Fianna Fáil’s Dublin representative.”

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