Balgaddy – A Community Forgotten

Balgaddy Forgotten Community

TDs for Dublin Mid-West Eoin Ó Broin and Mark Ward conducted a door-to-door survey in Balgaddy during September 2022 to discuss tenants’ personal experiences in their homes, community, and the council. The survey consisted of twelve questions asking the tenant about their personal experience in dealing with the council. They were also asked about their personal experience in witnessing anti-social behaviour, intimidation, drug dealing and vandalism

Teachta Ward said “Balgaddy is a community that has been left behind. The community is in dire need of more funding, more investment in maintenance and housing. “The people of Balgaddy have been forgotten about by the parties in government and the council. Residents need action from those in power to make change. We are calling on the council, elected councillors, TDs, and the government to act. “67% of responders reported issues with Damp/Mould in their homes. 63% of people who filled out the survey reported issues with their Windows/Doors and the same percentage of people reported issues with leaks. “The reports found in this survey are a damning indictment on the inaction of the organisations responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of Balgaddy as a community. Despite the tireless efforts by the community at large and local groups nothing can be achieved until the council and government give the necessary support to help the people of Balgaddy. ”76% of people who responded to our survey have said they have seen no improvement in SDCC repairs in the last year.

Teachta O Broin said“A total regeneration of the area is needed. The announcement of 69 new homes and a community centre being built is welcome news. We must stress that the mistakes of the past must not be repeated. The community centre must be adequate for the extra needs of the people of Balgaddy and must be built as soon as possible. “A comprehensive maintenance plan with the appropriate budget to tackle all the complaints of Balgaddy residents is required.

“74% of responders have said they have witnessed open drug dealing. 43% of people have had experience with Intimidation, 62% of people have had issues with Anti-Social Behaviour and 60% of people have experienced Vandalism. “One positive note is that when we conducted a survey 10 years ago 55% rated the Garda performance as poor were as this has dropped to 39%. Ronanstown Garda station is large enough for more gardaí. A higher garda presence is required in Balgaddy and this is only possible through hiring more Gardaí.

“A Community Safety Forum needs to be set up including all the stakeholders from the area to address the issues raised. This must include the local community and senior management from South Dublin County Council, youth services and the Gardaí and they must meet monthly.

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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