Appeal for supports for Debenhams workers


Cllr. Charlie O’Connor has made an appeal for more supports be made available for Debenhams workers and in particular workers in the Tallaght store following the closure of stores and the loss of jobs across the country. The company announced last month that the company is to go into liquidation and will not be reopening the 11 Irish stores the company operates after the Covid-19 emergency.

Cllr O’Connor said: “A number of workers in my constituency have written to me in recent days appealing for rent reductions in the retail sector which would immediately increase the viability of stores. The workers want the stores to remain open because they say these huge premises will lie vacant after Covid19. People want to remain in their jobs during this uncertain time. 

“The closure of the stores across the country leaves a huge gap in the retail sector in in all areas. The workers have told me that they want to see the programme for government include emergency measures to save jobs in Debenhams. Workers feel that approach taken to these 2,000 jobs will send a strong message to workers as to how you intend to approach job protection and workers’ rights issues,” concluded Cllr O’Connor.  




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