Local election Tallaght Central candidate Laura O’Reilly is appealing to residents to return missing posters. O’Reilly added “I really wanted to go poster free but as a first time candidate I needed to get my face out there as People Before Profit do not have the funding for billboards or buses. People Before Profit do not have the backing of corporate donors. People have very kindly donated money out of their own pocket to help me buy these. Friends helped me put them up. All my posters are compliant with ESB guidelines and I have respected the boundaries set out by Tallaght ACA in the village.”

Election Posters Laura


In recent weeks some of the candidate’s posters have gone missing and an incident where a poster was removed with a hacksaw at the end of April, which is illegal. She added “My posters will be recycled and reused by People Before Profit after the election, however the missing ones more than likely will not be. They will more than likely be dumped in general waste bins or in public spaces.  As an individual who is passionate about climate change I am urging members of the public to let me know if my posters are down or if they have them.”

You can contact Laura via Facebook, Twitter, PBP head office or by calling 0874135347.