Another Horse Left To Die

My Lovely Horse Rescue

My Lovely Horse Rescue was established in 2011 in response to observing horses and donkeys in urban areas being mistreated and their welfare compromised. Their mission is to end the suffering of equines in Ireland. They believe that the three main causes of suffering are lack of education, indiscriminate breeding and lack of enforcement animal welfare, equine ID and licensing legislation.

The organisation receives reports of mistreated horses and animals quite often sometimes as often as every day, an example of which was evident where a deceased horse was found by a walker in recent weeks. The horse was tied to a gate in the Kilbride/ Dublin/ Wicklow Mountains area, left for sometime and sadly passed away. It is unknown how this happened and local Gardai in Blessington have been contacted. 
A statement on the My Lovely Horse Rescue Facebook page highlights this too often awful sad occurrence in areas across the country, the piece continued “Every day we see, hear about or rush to cruelty cases, this is what My Lovely Horse Rescue is dealing with. Animals left to die, humans not caring…no empathy. What are we doing about it? Why are we allowing this to continue? Why isn’t the government, councils, department of agriculture and other government bodies enforcing the law. There are 5 freedoms an animal should have…this poor soul didn’t have one!” 

If you have any information on this particular incident in Kilbride/ Dublin/ Wicklow Mountains, please contact Blessington Garda Station on 045 857620.
For more information on My Lovely Horse Rescue or to donate, see ‘My Lovely Horse Rescue’ on facebook or 
Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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