Anglers’ call for Action on Bohernabreena Water Works


Dublin South West TD Seán Crowe has expressed his support for the call from local anglers for action to be taken on illegal fishing, dumping, and swimming in the Bohernabreena Reservoir and its surrounds.

Teachta Crowe said that a number of agencies, including Dublin City Council, are supposedly responsible for the implementation of by-laws and the upkeep of the reservoir have given up on the area. Bohernabreena Reservoir was opened in 1887 to give clean water to the City and still supplies about 35,000 homes to this day.

Teachta Crowe said need to refocus policing operations from high density checkpoints as is happening in other areas, such as Coolock Garda Station where the local Superintendent said “I have refocused the policing operation from high density checkpoints to patrols of open amenity areas with a particular focus on youths and young adults”.

Teachta Crowe said: “Bohernabreena Reservoir is an area of natural beauty, but is being failed by a multiple of agencies, including the City Council. Its purpose is to supply clean water to the City and up to 35,000 homes currently receive water from its source.

“It is nearly impossible to be planning permission in the area for local residents due to strict guidelines regarding water purity which goes to show how important this facility is to the city. However, the reservoir
where the waters gather is polluted every day and evidence of fires and dumping is everywhere.

“Fishing is limited to fly fishing and a licence is required, but local anglers say that Inland Fisheries are failing to enforce this by-law. Swimming and boating are not allowed in the lakes, but again this is ignored with everything from air beds to paddle boats out on the lakes during good weather. Bottles, cans, plastic, the remains of fires, and other litter is everywhere with no effort made to remove this.

“Throughout the COVID-19 restrictions, it has been used as a party spot along with many of our public parks with no one in authority saying stop or preventing the gatherings. “Many local residents say they fear the Summer weather as once again large groups will gather and the dumping will get worse. “Local Angling clubs are the ones who stock the lakes, but poaching is allowed without any sanctions.

“Policing the by-laws doesn’t seem to be happen until a tragedy occurs but even the various agencies soon slip back to the old way of doing things. I have asked Ministers why fishing and other byelaws are being ignored in Bohernabreena “It is unacceptable and highlights an inadequacy in policing, both locally
and nationally.

“Bohernabreena Waterworks is still vital to Dublin’s water supply with water pumped from there to Ballyboden Treatment Works to supply up to 35,000 homes in the City. It is part of Dublin Mountain Way and needs to be enhanced and protected, not abandoned and left to the lawbreakers. The agencies responsible need to step up and implement the by-laws that are there to preserve this natural and manmade habitat. “Bohernabreena is an area of natural beauty; we all have a responsibility
to protect and preserve it.” 




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