An Gorta Mor Exhibition Opens at NMI

NMI Gorta Mor

An Gorta Mor Permanent Exhibition was opened by the CCIFV and the Director of the National Museum of Ireland Lynn Scarff on the 25th May 2022. An historic and great day for Ireland, for the Irish people home and abroad when the victims and exiles of The Great Hunger were honoured and commemorated with a permanent exhibition in the National Museum of Ireland in Collins Barracks.

NMI Gorta Mor

Michael Blanch of CCIFV commented “After a century of neglect and Famnesia by consecutive governments on this important part of Irish and global history, the greatest loss of life in our recorded existence. The victims and exiles day has come to find a permanent home and place in the NMI. The persistence and fortitude of Tallaght group CCIFV sixteen year campaign became a reality with the belief in a worthy cause for the innocents and exiles of their rightful place in the NMI. CCIFV would like to thank all those who helped on this trials and tribulations journey family, friends, the global Irish community Wherever the Green is Worn and the Tallaght News for many articles over the year’s informing the people and assisting in lifting a century of silence by State and Museum in acknowledging The Great Hunger with this permanent exhibition now open to the public”.

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