Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Ireland’s 12th National Meena Bazaar Raises Funds

Meena Bazaar

The Women of Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Ireland accomplished a successful 12th National Meena Bazaar on May 14th in St. Finians Community Hall in Newcastle. The event witnessed a remarkable turnout, with approximately 200 women and children. Distinguished individuals such as the Deputy Mayor of South Dublin, Joanna Tuffy, TD Dublin Mid-West Emer Higgins, Chair Cllr. Lyn Hagin Meade, Cllr. Shirley O’Hara were among the notable guests present.

The community hall was adorned with exquisite decorations and vibrant flags. The Women of AMA took great care in preparing a delicious assortment of homemade food for sale at the Bazaar. The menu offered a tantalizing range of options, including freshly baked goods, irresistible desserts, refreshing milkshakes, invigorating freshly squeezed juices, a wide selection of savory snacks, and a diverse array of dinner choices. Moreover, the event featured a delightful assortment of stalls to cater to various interests. Attendees had the opportunity to explore henna stalls, indulge in the beauty corner, buy Asian clothing, find exquisite scarves, discover traditional and handmade jewellery, and engage in entertaining children’s games. The event provided a vibrant and engaging atmosphere for everyone to relish.

Similar to previous years, the Meena Bazaar held this year had a primary objective of raising funds for local charities. The event raised €1000 for Barretstown Children’s Charity. The attendees expressed their sincere admiration for the strong sense of sisterhood and collaborative efforts exhibited by AMA women. They also expressed their desire for more such events to be organized in the future. The positive feedback and support from the guests further emphasized the success of the event.

Deputy Mayor, Joanna Tuffy expressed her appreciation for the Meena bazar, and said “I am here representing the council today in place of the mayor. I always come to the Meena bazar every year, or I try to, I think I’ve been here most years because I want to support the work of the Ahmadiyya Women’s Association in terms of the work that they do for charity and fundraising and all their other good works and so it’s a very important day for my calendar each year. I’m enjoying it, I’ve had a look there… it’s been very successful, there has been lovely clothes and jewellery on display and very nice food as well!”

TD Emer Higgins expressed her delight in attending the Meena Bazar. Together with her colleague Cllr. Shirley O’Hara, she shared her excitement and positive sentiment about being present at the event“The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community are an important and really active part of our local community here in Dublin Mid-West and each year the ladies of the AMA give their time and effort to raise money for local charities, with Barretstown being the well-deserving beneficiaries this year. It was great to see everyone enjoying the delicious Asian food, crafts and jewellery and of course beautiful Henna design. Well done to the Women of AMA for organising such a fantastic local event and all in aid of such a good cause.”

Councillor Lyn Hagin Meade, who attended the event with her daughters, remarked “I always look forward to the annual Meena Bazar in Newcastle. Today, I met women who travelled from Galway and Cork to support the event. It is a wonderful demonstration of community, welcome and sisterhood. With beautiful crafts, stunning clothing, artful henna designs and delicious food, there are smiling faces and a warm welcome for every visitor. I have learnt much about the generous charity work carried out by the women of the Meena Bazar and celebrate their continued support of Barretstown. Congratulations to all those involved for creating this special event.”

Organisers commented “As a Muslim organization, AMA (Ahmadiyya Muslim Association) deeply values service to humanity and contributing to the local community.

“The Holy Qur’an, revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him), serves as the guiding light for every sincere Muslim. Within its verses, the Qur’an repeatedly emphasizes the importance of serving humanity and meeting the needs of those who are suffering or deprived. It provides clear instructions to Muslims to extend their support and care towards their fellow human beings, irrespective of their backgrounds or circumstances. Demonstrating love for God’s creation is an essential aspect of seeking the love of God. The teachings of the Qur’an inspire Muslims to actively engage in acts of kindness, compassion, and service as an integral part of their faith”. .

“The founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, His Holiness Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiah and Mahdi, drew the attention of mankind towards fulfilling the rights of God and of one another. He said “Treat all the creation of God with such deep love as though they are your close family members. Treat mankind in the same way that a mother treats her child. This is the way you should be and not that you help someone only so that you can attain benefit later or take a favour in return.” 

“With this guiding principle at heart, the women’s auxiliary of AMA actively organizes and participates in charitable initiatives year-round, upholding the community’s motto of “Love for all, Hatred for none.” Engaging in a wide range of initiatives, the AMA women engage in volunteer work and community integration. On Women’s Day, they generously distribute hampers to women’s shelter homes and extend their support to the homeless. During the New Year, they bring joy to nursing homes by delivering gift hampers. Recent efforts during the sacred month of Ramadan show their dedication, as they delivered hampers to shelter homes in Dublin and Cork and conducted food distribution programs to aid the homeless in Galway. These ongoing endeavours truly reflect their unwavering commitment to serving those in need and nurturing compassion throughout the entire community”.

The Women of AMA are dedicated to continuing their annual Ladies Bazaar in the years to come. Through this event, they aim to further their mission of spreading love, compassion, and understanding among all individuals, contributing to a more harmonious and inclusive society.

Pictured:  AMA women with the guests: Nabeeha Malik, Najia Malik, TD Emer Higgins, Cllr. Shirley O’Hara, Tayyaba Mashood, Ambreen Rauf, Hira Ayub.

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