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South Dublin County Council launched Active South Dublin, Sport & Physical Activity Plan 2023-2028 on November 21st in Tallaght Stadium. Active South Dublin outlines the commitment of South Dublin County Council to promote a broad range of initiatives that support the diverse community in South Dublin County. This includes individuals of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds, encouraging them to stay physically active throughout their lives. Active South Dublin encompasses various forms of physical activity, whether the emphasis is on exercise, fitness, team sports, walking, cycling, dancing, or even participation in volunteering and coaching.

The Active South Dublin Plan outlines a broad range of actions under 11 different ambitions and 4 different themes – Active Communities & Clubs; Active Spaces & Places; Active Communication and Active Partnerships. As expressed by the Chief Executive of South Dublin County Council, Colm Ward, “it builds on the Council’s work in promoting sport, physical activity and community wellness over the years through school, club and community supports and the provision of extensive infrastructure that includes pitches, leisure centres, community centres, cycleways, pathways and more”.

South Dublin County Council recognises that partnership is vital to the success of the Plan and states that “our ambition is that this plan brings together partners across the community, voluntary and statutory sectors with residents, clubs, schools, leisure facility providers and others to develop a locally led approach. Crucially this partnership also extends internally in the Council as input into the plan came from multiple Depts including Community, Housing, Roads, Environment, Planning & Tourism”.

Dr. Una May, Chief Executive of Sport Ireland, which is a critical supporter of the initiative, said that the launch is “an important milestone for the development of local sports participation in South Dublin”. South Dublin County Council. is the first local authority in Ireland to develop a local county plan which was one of the elements sought in the National Sports Policy 2018-27

In addition to the Plan’s initiatives, a significant new development involves the integration of South Dublin County Sports Partnership and the sports office of South Dublin County Council into a unified unit – Active South Dublin. Moving forward, all communications will undergo rebranding under the name Active South Dublin. As stated by Thos Mc Dermott, formerly the Coordinator of the Sports Partnership and currently the Head of the Active South Dublin unit, “this decision makes perfect sense, as it simplifies the process for clubs, schools, and community groups to identify the right contacts for communication and collaboration.”

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