A quick buzz could be your last

nitrous oxide

Cllr Francis Timmons is warning parents to watch out for extremely dangerous nitrous oxide cannisters that are being widely used by young people seeking a quick buzz. He said “Abuse of nitrous oxide by young people and teenagers is common across many parts of our area. ‘Silver bullets’, small steel capsules that contain the gas, are often found by local clean up groups”. 

Clondalkin Councillor Francis Timmons continued “These gas canisters are being sniffed around locally a lot lately – they are extremely dangerous and can lead to death just like lighter gas, tipex and glue before. Now that school is out for the Summer, the risk of young people getting into situations where nitrous oxide is being used increases, my worry is that some young person will die or/and others could be left with serious health issues, All parents should be talking to their children about drug use and the dangers’ 

Cllr Timmons concluded “It will be too late when something serious happens, I ask all parents and young people to educate themselves on the dangers of nitrous oxide. Make sure you know what your kids are doing when out and warn them of the huge danger involved for a quick buzz.”

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