South Dublin County Council (SDCC) to initiate €18M Part 8 for 90 Units at the old Eircom site in Clondalkin. “SDCC is proposing to initiate a Part 8 Public Consultation for 90 units on the Old Eircom Site, Nangor Road. Proposals are as follows: The Old Eircom Site; 20 No. 3-bed (4-person) units, 20 No. 2-bed (3-person) units, 12 No. 1-bed (2-person) units and 18 No. 3-bed (5-person) houses. Pharmacy Nangor Road; 4 No. 3-bed (5-person) houses and 16 No. 3-bed (4-person) ‘Own Door’ duplex units.

“It is proposed that the Entrance & Exit will be from the Old Nangor Road & Link Road. With pedestrian access to the New Nangor road. SDCC is proposing 90 units at approx €200K each = for an approximate total of €18M. It is proposed that the public consultation will proceed in the 1st quarter 2019.” If residents have any questions please contact Cllr Trevor Gilligan