62 year old disabled father takes his protest to Dáil gates

Christopher Moran

A 62 year old disabled father protested outside the Dáil recently as part of his campaign for suitable housing. Christopher Moran was awarded a medical priority transfer almost 6 years ago by South Dublin County Council. His 22 year old son Michael has Down Syndrome, autism and is a wheelchair user.  He requires 24 hours care and suffers from respiratory chest problems. He has been on permanent antibiotics everyday all his life and uses nebulizers two times daily. Michael’s parents, both father and his mother, have to lift him in and out of the bath.

Michael’s parents also have lots of health problems, his mother has arthritis and a hole in her heart. Michael’s dad Christopher suffers from COPD, diabetes, sleep apnea and an enlarged heart. Christopher has himself been in and out of hospital 6 times in last 5 years with COPD and had pneumonia 3 times over the years.

Their current accommodation is full of dampness and mould, and the windows are drafty. Christopher is also disabled man who uses a 4 wheel stroller for walking. As well as having to lift his son in and out of the bath, he also find it hard to get in out of the bath. He even had a fall a couple of months ago while getting out of the bath fell and he had to get help from his neighbours to lift him up off the ground. They are in urgent need of accommodation with a wet room suitable to Michael’s needs.

Christopher is also concerned about the impact of anti-social behaviour in the area on the family and their health. His son Michael is sensitive to noise and finds it difficult to sleep at night with the noise from outside.

Councillor Madeleine Johansson who has been assisting the family said: “I’m shocked that this family has been waiting almost 6 years for a medical priority transfer. Their living conditions are completely unacceptable and the council should act urgently to transfer them into suitable accommodation. People with disabilities and their rights are being neglected by the council and the government.”

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