6 top home workout tips with Pureclass Fitness Studios

pureclass fitness clondalkin home workout

Newsgroup has teamed up with Paul Stewart of Pureclass Fitness Studios in Clondalkin. Paul is widely regarded as one of Ireland’s best strength and conditioning specialists. Paul began his fitness career in New York with a B.SC Degree from Adelphi University, and since then has fulfilled his early promise with an array of certs and accolades, including a Masters Degree in Education.

As Pureclass Director, Paul is responsible for overseeing all departments related to fitness and training programmes. Paul is the ultimate overachiever, whether he is leading a group class as a Spinning Instructor or reaching out to his colleagues, Paul combines gritty intensity with the ability to bring different personalities together for a single purpose. With over 20 years in the fitness industry, Paul’s enthusiasm for fitness and gift for creating quality programs is the cornerstone of Pureclass Fitness Studios success.

  1. Create a workout space: Having your own mini “gym” is such a great way to feel like you’re in control of your workouts. 
  2. Eliminate distractions/Mute notifications: That includes the dog and your mobile. ‘You can be easily distracted at home – be that family members, pets, the TV, someone at the door or the phone ringing – which could lead to skipping a workout or cutting it short. Being in the right frame of mind is essential. Tell yourself that for the next 20 minutes – or however long – you are focusing on nothing but yourself. Turn your phone to Airplane mode.
  3. You Only need 20 mins: Don’t skip a home workout just because you don’t have an hour to Kill it. All you need is 20 minutes, some space to move around and your own bodyweight. It’s not about the length of the workout, but about the intensity of it.
  4. Stream a Pro/Quality sessions: The traditional fitness DVD has been replaced by the streaming/YouTube workout. These work amazingly and you can pause and benchmark at the point you reach failure. Check out www.pureclass.ie
  5. Play music: You’ll be surprised by the difference it makes. Music works well at keeping you motivated and focused while at the gym, but if you forget to play it while at home then your mind can wander, So sort yourself a banging playlist.
  6. Give yourself a Goal: This way, you can see tangible progress. I find that giving myself something to aim for really helps with my motivation. For example, if you struggle performing a full press-up, give yourself the goal of being able to do five in six weeks’ time. Each week you can track your progress and notice how much stronger you’re becoming.

You can contact Paul on tel: +353 86 8185 851, website www.pureclass.ie or email: paul@pureclass.ie




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