Frances Fitzgerald T.D. has heralded the launch of Echelon Data Centres Limited ‘a major encouragement for local and Irish business’ after their announcement of 460 construction jobs and 100 operational positions in Clondalkin. Echelon Data Centres is a data centre owner, developer and operator building a network of large-scale data centre campuses across Europe to meet the rapidly expanding global demand for data processing and storage solutions. Echelon is owned by Aldgate Developments, which has more than one million square feet of commercial development in progress in Dublin and London.

84 MW of capacity will be provided on the 35-acre site – with the first tranche of 40MW of capacity becoming available in quarter three of 2020. Speaking after the launch, Deputy Fitzgerald said: “This announcement is incredibly encouraging for Irish business – considering the domination of this sector by global giants in Silicon Valley. Echelon has secured planning permission for a 477,000 square foot, state-of-the-art data centre, which will be located in the Clondalkin Industrial Estate. Phase One of this ground-breaking project has already commenced. A 269,000 square foot data centre building, with 40MW of capacity, will be powered by the national grid and available for occupation in 2020. In addition, future users and employees can also expect to see the completion of 43,000 square foot of office and ancillary space by this date.

“The total investment is expected to total half a billion euro – which will create local employment through construction and operation jobs within the sector.” Also announced at the launch was an additional €500M investment in Avoca, Co. Wicklow, for an additional data centre on a 200-acre site.