52 New Homes in Saggart delivered by Credit Union Approved Housing Body Fund

52 New Homes in Saggart

Local Councillor Shirley O’Hara joined the Minister of State for Financial Services, Credit Unions and Insurance Jennifer Carroll Mac Neill in visiting the 52 new homes in Saggart delivered by the Government’s Credit Union Approved Housing Body Fund.

Cllr O’Hara said “I was delighted to show the Minister the progress we are making in Saggart and in South Dublin County Council regarding the delivery of social housing. The 52 house scheme in Parklands Estate features the most up to date energy saving measures and is designed in line with best practice of ensuring mixed tenure housing for the community in Saggart.” “What is significant about this 52 home scheme is that it is financed by the Credit Union Approved Housing Body Fund. Our Credit Unions have massive untapped potential to provide funding for housing. Less than 30% of credit union savings are productively lent out in the community and the €900 million Approved Housing Body Fund will facilitate members’ savings earning a return and delivering much needed social housing”.

“Our own local Tower Credit Union has invested in the government’s Approved Housing Body Fund and I am delighted that members of the management and board of Tower Credit Union are here today to see first-hand how their work is making such a positive impact in the local community”.

Minister of State for Financial Services Jennifer Carroll Mac Neill TD added “The credit union movement has very, very substantial assets and they are eager to invest in their local communities and transform it for the better. Credit Union Approved Housing Body Fund has enormous potential both to deliver social housing and provide a guaranteed return on members’ savings” “Nobody has the personal connection, the relationships, being at the heart of the community and the volunteer ethos that the credit union has. Tower Credit Union should take great pride in what has been achieved at Parklands in Saggart, and I am delighted this is just the first of many social housing schemes to be delivered under the Approved Housing Body Fund”.

Cllr Shirley O’Hara added “The 52 homes delivered will be allocated to local applicants on the social housing list. I want to thank Tower Credit Union for the role they’ve played in this and look forward to meeting the 52 families who will move into these homes in the Parklands”. 

Pictured: Cllr Shirley O’Hara and Minister for Financial Services and Credit Unions visit new social housing scheme in Saggart

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