5 storey and 50 unit apartment block proposed for Sliver Granite site

David Gardiner Palmerstown Fonthill

The plan to build apartments on the site of the Silver Granite in Palmerstown has been criticised by Workers’ Party representative David Gardiner, saying that the area lacks the infrastructure to support it. Gardiner said: “The owners of the Silver Granite want to build a 5-storey tall development with 50 apartments on top of a gastro pub/restaurant on the site.”

“Especially when combined with the Vincent Byrne site plan, Palmerstown is seriously underprepared for such developments. We need the infrastructure, facilities and amenities in place beforehand, as is the standard in many European countries.” “We already struggle quite badly with traffic in Palmerstown, especially in the estate surrounding Manor Road, otherwise known as old Palmerstown. This area, right beside the Silver Granite, is often blocked up quite heavily due to people driving through it to avoid the traffic on Kennelsfort Road. This development could add a potential 75 more cars into that area without any heed paid to how it might impact the already existing problem.”

“The apartment units themselves will be tiny. Half of them are one-bed and the other half are two-bed. They probably won’t come cheap, either. Renters will be at the mercy of the Dublin rental market, leaving many working people struggling to afford them.” “Overall, this development would provide very little positives to the area, nor would it do much to solve the housing crisis. If anything, it would make it worse. For these reasons, we’re calling for the rejection of the planning application.”

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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