2019 The Year To Tackle Climate Change

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Public consultation on the Local Authority’s plan will get underway shortly

Cllr. Charlie O’Connor has said making the South Dublin County region climate resilient must be achieved this year by reducing the impacts of future climate change related events. The local Councillor quizzed the Chief Executive recently on the county’s proposals to deal with the challenge of Climate Change. It has been confirmed to Cllr O’Connor that Public consultation on the council’s Draft Climate Change Action Plan 2019 – 2024 will take place from Monday, February 11th to Monday, March 25th.

He said, “From the very get-go we need to monitor the progress of each of initiatives set out as part of the SDCC Draft Climate Change Action Plan 2019 – 2024. If we have any chance of fulfilling any of the 115 actions included in the plan or meeting the ambitious targets, the general public need to be made fully aware of the significance and importance of being more environmentally conscious in our day-to-day lives. “In that respect I am pleased that the Chief Executive has confirmed to me that there will be public information sessions held during February and March. There are some brilliant efforts already being made in our area to reduce carbon emissions and to introduce better practices for disposing
of waste but we need to kick it up a gear once this plan is fully in place.

“Decarbonising the council’s fleet of vehicles, increasing the programme for tree planting, delivering flood alleviation schemes on our main rivers and upgrading the lighting in council owned buildings in a bid to dramatically reduce energy consumption are just three examples of what can do. “If we are to achieve an over 30% reduction in energy efficiency over the next two years and decrease greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030, we all need to get behind the council and give it our best shot to secure a healthy, prosperous future for the generations after us,” he concluded.

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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