159 quads and scramblers seized across Dublin

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A total of 159 quadbikes and scramblers were seized or detained across Dublin over the 2020-2021 period, Dublin Mid-West’s TD has said. Nationally, there were a total of 356 incidents where a vehicle was seized or detained between 1st January 2020 to 31st December 2021; 122 incidents involving quadbikes and 234 incidents involving scramblers.

Deputy Higgins said, “The sound of scramblers and quads on our roads and public spaces across Dublin Mid-West has become far too familiar. We often see young people use these vehicles in ways that are not only dangerous for themselves, but also present a threat to other road users as well as the general public. “With 159 quadbikes and scramblers seized or detained over the past two years across Dublin, including in our local area, the misuse of these vehicles is widespread.

“I have spoken with constituents who see scramblers and quads on the green areas in their estates, in the fields across from their homes and across local parks. I’ve also heard from parents who have seen these vehicles almost knock their children down, while the noise of the bikes is a significant frustration for many people. “My constituency Colleague, Cllr Kenneth Egan has been really leading on this issue in his area of Clondalkin and at a national level and I know we’re both very happy to see these seizures of bikes materialising in such large numbers for the Dublin region,” continued Deputy Higgins.

“The Government is tackling this issue head-on by introducing legislation which will prohibit the use of mechanically propelled vehicles (MPVs) on public land, and also on private land – unless there is explicit permission from the landowner. “This will put an end to the sights and sounds of quads and scramblers in our local parks and provide peace of mind to people across Dublin Mid-West. “If a vehicle is used on private land, the Gardai will have the power, with a warrant, to enter private premises and remove a vehicle suspected of having been used contrary to the new ban,” concluded Deputy Higgins.

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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